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Design of Distributed Control Systems

Engineering of the Dimensioning of Distributed Control Systems including Architectures, Operation Stations, Engineering Station, Information Management, Controllers, Remote and Local I/O's.

Instrumentation Specifications

Instrumentation Classification, Sizing and Selection for Industrial Process

Configuration And Startup​

Configuration Control strategies, Commissioning, Field Testing using Standard International Documentation Protocols, in order to achieve quality requirements demanded by our customers.


Implementation of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance programs in the field of Automation and Industrial Control.

Third Party Integration

Through the use of different communication protocols such as MODBUS, OPC, Fieldbus, among others.

Development of Database Applications

Database Application Development such as Oracle, SQL, Access and InfoPlus 21, for the purpose of capturing Historical Variables and Events for further analysis and identification of faults, seeking to Optimize Processes.

Software Development through various Programming Languages

Using applications such as Visual Basic, C++ and Java in order to solve unique Plant requirements.

Administration and Project Management

Related to the Field of Automation and Control by preparing the Detailed Work Plan, Resource Allocation and Tracking Tasks to Start Up.

Migrating Distributed Control Systems

Moving Databases between systems, preparation of Control Philosophies, Control Strategies, Logical FAT and SAT Tests.


Using proven methodologies to train Plant personnel in different areas such as Operations, Engineering, Information Management and Maintenance of Control Systems.

Architectural Lighting Design

The lighting design seeks to make a previous simulation of the lighting design as close to reality as possible, in order to achieve a detailed analysis to respond to the needs of the space through the development of lighting studies and renderings in specialized lighting software.

lighting design documentation

The documentation is a deep analysis of the results of the lighting design in order to have a more complete and correct vision of all the aspects that are involved in the design.

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